Genetics, Lab Testing and Sorting Through All the Hype


Over the years I’ve spent well over $100,000 trying to figure out the cause of my depression, anxiety and compulsive overeating.

It’s been an incredible journey and such a blessing to have finally figured it out.

I trust this week’s post will help clear a few things up for you.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about genetic testing (MTHFR, etc.) for gene mutations (SNPs). Or put another way, using genetic tests to treat methylation imbalances that cause cognitive impairments.

To quote my personal physician, Dr. Albert Mensah, “genetic testing is qualitative not quantitative in nature. It just suggests there may be a problem, but does not tell how much methyl is present.”

And this is the problem not only with genetic tests, but lab tests in general.

Let me explain.

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A Happy Guide to Suicide Prevention

EliminateSuicide-SamiGThe mood here in Tiburon is still somber due to the suicide of our neighbor, Robin Williams.

I’ve been contemplating whether or not to publish this post because it’s such a dark, taboo subject, but with his passing, I realized that’s exactly why I should.

If you’re reading this, and having suicidal thoughts, I want you to know it’s not your fault you feel the way you do.

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How To Get Out Of A Food Rut

How-To-Get-Out-Of-A-Food-Rut-SamiGGetting into a food rut is easy to do.

You try something new, it tastes good, and your body responds favorably.

Then it becomes a daily staple and you’re happy.

For a while.

Then you get bored and you’re suddenly not as thrilled as you were in the beginning.

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Why Diet Dogma Is Making You Fat

WhyDietDogmaMakesYouFatGrowing up in the “fat is bad for you” era had a profound affect on me both emotionally and physically. This message given to us by the diet dictocrats left me feeling fearful of a macronutrient that was actually my greatest ally in the elimination of excess weight, depression, binge eating, anxiety, and myriad other health issues.

Even though unbiased scientific studies (and lots of happy patients!) have proven that fat is an important component in health and healing, we are still bombarded with the message that the only way to be healthy and lose weight is with miniscule amounts of fat.

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