3 Steps to Stop Emotional Eating

StopEmotionalEating-SamiGIs it stress or biochemistry that’s driving you to overeat?

It’s actually both, but first, I have a confession to make.

Yesterday I got triggered and wanted to wallow in my old comfort foods from childhood: Mr. Ben, Mr. Jerry, and Mr. Double Stuffed Oreo.

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4 Things to Ask Yourself When Your Diet Stops Working

4ThingsDietStopsWorking-SamiGSince the day you were born, mass media has been conditioning you to think within its conventional box. This is why most of us have such a hard time becoming independent thinkers, unable to connect to our own innate intelligence.

This is especially true when it comes to diet and healthy living.

Nutrition facts, buzzwords such as “raw”, “gluten-free” and “organic”, and pretty recycled packaging can be very seductive.

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8 Easy Ways to Get Healthy for Less in 2015

GetHealthyForLess-SamiG2015 is your year, right?

Yet here’s the challenge: how can you do it without breaking the bank and spending all your time in the kitchen?

Like you, I’m super busy and don’t have time for elaborate meals, so I totally get how you feel.

To help you along, here are my secrets to help you stay in tip top shape this year and beyond, without breaking the bank.

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3 Big Diet Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Health

DietMistake-SamiGRecently, I wrote an article about how what you eat has everything to do with how well you perform at work.

Many loved the article and appreciated the tips, while others thought I was the anti-christ for recommending animal products for brain health.

I remember when I first began my own healing journey. I was not yet a practitioner, and had no idea what I was doing, but forged ahead anyway. Unfortunately, this made things worse to the point where I didn’t want to live any more.

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2015 New You UnDetox Nutrition Program

2015UnDetoxProgramWe’re almost to 2015 and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!

Something tells me this is going to be a big year for all of us in a multitude of ways.

So I’d like to start off by asking you who do you want to be in 2015?

If you’re like a lot of folks chances are you’re probably thinking that a juice cleanse is a good way to kick off the new year, but I’m here to tell you that the opposite is actually true. And despite clever marketing, it’s important to keep in mind that dramatic dietary changes can result in nutrient deprivation and overloads, leading to unwanted changes in mood or behavior.

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